Rebecca B
Amazing I'm scheduling another appointment. I've told so many if my friends about this experience and I can't wait to go back again, the knowledge she had of my past and my present was shockingly accurate and has helped me tremendously deal with questions about my life and the direction I'm facing
an experience of wonder and amazement Deborah created a very relaxing and peaceful experience from the start. She was able to channel those I had asked about. If you're a doubter, and I was a little when we started, she knew things that she could not have guessed or made up. I will be calling again. Thank you <3
Susan L
Powerful Experience! Deborah's abilities, knowledge, and intuition are beyond anything I've experienced. She channeled a clear pathway for me to release energy that did not belong to me. The session was beautiful and intense and one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I'm looking forward to continued sessions with Deborah to help me clear blocked energy so that I can create my best life. Deep thanks and gratitude, Deborah. ♥️
Kristen H
Absolutley incredible I don’t even know where to begin with this. For a few months I knew that I had somebody around me because the most bizarre things kept happening and my family even picked up on it and we had a joke that there was a ghost in the house but it was very real. This all started happening around the time I became interested in someone who was notorious in their lifetime and I just thought the timing was odd that i happened to have a spirit join me in my home at the same time that I became interested in this person. Feeling like I was going crazy because it seemed pretty far fetched I needed some help from a medium to clarify who this person is that is around me. I anxiously went to Deborah and immediately was much more relaxed when I met her. She is the sweetest person and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. So we began the reading and she right off the bat started bringing things up that were very specific to this person saying that this is someone I knew “historically” (as i didn’t know them while they were alive) and I did not give her A CLUE as to who this famous person was that I was thinking it might be. I offered multiple times to give her hints and she wouldn’t let me say anything because she wanted him to tell her. Finally he showed her flashes of his life and she starts laughing when she realizes who it was and I could not believe my ears. It turns out it was exactly who I thought it was (long story as to why) but the fact that she was able to tell me the things that she did (she clarified the most specific signs that I was getting) was just out of this world to hear. I don’t remember one thing that she said that wasn’t true to what I was experiencing. It was a truly incredible and flawless reading. Hands down the best one I have ever had she really is a gift to this world.
Amy W
Great experience I was very impressed with Deborah, I had no doubt about any of her abilities she was more precise than any other practitioners I have seen. She was very kind and easy to talk to. I definitely recommend her.
Allison L
Affirming, positive, connected Deborah is a treasure and gift to sit with. Her sincerity and connection are obvious. I highly recommend a session.
Amazing! I absolutely loved my session with Deborah. She made a lot of things clear for me. Truly gifted and genuine.
Heather C
Awesome phone session My phone conversation with Deborah was such a delight! She was kind, friendly and so easy to talk to. I learned so much in my session with her. I highly recommend Deborah and would definitely consult with her again.
Dawn K
Awesome experience This was my first with Deborah. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with the whole experience. I felt Deborah knew what and could read my body and mind. This was validation for me. I will be back to see Deborah. Thank you Deborah it was great meeting with you.
Moleta M always Deborah has such an amazing ability to connect with, not only my spirit, but anyone who I need to communicate with on the other side. When I need direction through my journey she is always spot on...never vague or flashy. Simple clear loving light filled direction. Deborah cares.
Jessica S
Deborah is a Sweetheart Deborah has become family to myself and my mom. She is so kind and caring and warm. She truly has a gift to help people and you know she loves doing it.
Kylie B
Deborah was amazing as always! I just had another session with Deborah and, as always, she was wonderfully insightful. I came away feeling energized and positive about the happenings and people in my life. Though she’s not ever met them in physical form, she’s always amazing at connecting with my kids—their personalities, strengths, and spirits. Talking with Deborah always gives me insight into my role in their lives and makes me feel fantastic about being their mother (and for me, there really isn’t any better feeling than that!)
Michael H
Exceptional and transformative! Deborah provided my family with detailed insights that have catalyzed healing in a way that we will forever be grateful for. Her gifts are real and her services are worth the time, energy, and money. I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone seeking soul connection. Thank you for everything!
Jenni C
Great Reiki session but..... She was a very good reiki healer I think but I didn’t get any of her psychic or medium ability in the session...I was hoping for some clarity from some guides or my mother that passed and nothing like that was given. Oh well!
Kristen H
Incredible reading!! This was my second reading with Deborah and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. Once again, she nailed it and was very accurate. I’m currently looking at the schedule for my next one I can’t wait for our next talk it!
Just what I needed! Deborah is exceptional. She is a fantastic listener and so very gentle. My reiki session proved to be more than I expected. I lost my sense of smell a year ago and I actually was able to smell during the session. I definitely will be returning. Thank you, Deborah!
Loved it! I just had my first reading with Deborah and can't begin to tell you how rewarding it was! First of all I had never tried Reiki before and found it extremely relaxing. Deborah was kind and full of wisdom- we just clicked imediately. Would strongly suggest you give this a try!! i will be going back!
Linda P
My visit 4/22/2019 Deborah is always positive and encouraging. Her insight is amazing and always is exactly what I need at the time. I am grateful to have found her website.
Vikki M
reading Wonderful energy, very positive and clarifying
Relaxing and helpful visit! The gift that Deborah has is amazing and helpful! I left feeling at peace about many issues I was facing!
Lorrie H
SO satisfied with our readings!! Deborah is very talented and gifted!! She makes you feel SO comfortable and it was even pleasant having her sweet dog there also. My daughter and I each had sessions and were so satisfied with our readings. I really like that she started the session with a cleansing meditation and asked for your highest and greater good. It was very cool to hear things that she couldn’t have possibly known. I have been struggling with a tragedy of an ex boyfriend who had taken his life last year and she described him right there during our session to a T. It was emotional, but also comforting to hear messages from him and to know he was at peace...It brought me peace too. She was spot on and we plan to visit her again soon or maybe even have a phone session since we live a couple hours away. We LOVE her and she’s worth the drive! You won’t go wrong seeing her!!
kayla w
Well worth the money!! I was very pleased with my visit! I feel so relaxed and at ease a few minutes afterwards and I am still feeling the same way the next day! She was right on about my loved ones that have passed she heard what they had to say and relayed the message which was wonderful to hear they were together and was with me!!! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts Deborah it was a great experience and I am planning on making another appointment soon!!
Mia S
Wow! Great experience, well worth the $. What I gained is priceless. I was looking to get in touch with the spirit world that supports my journey here...all expectations were met! Please have a session. There is someone trying to reach you that will be grateful you did!!!
Thank you Deborah!!! I really Love getting to work with Deborah. She is kind, caring, and empathetic... and her Reiki is quite strong and very effective. I can literally feel a difference after I've been to see her.
Very specific answers I have had many readings over the years. Deborah has a wonderful energy and had immediate and clear answers to my questions. I also got a lot of really really funny and clear messages from an Uncle on relationship advice as well as a passed friend who mentione d she loves all my vacations and validated she's with me. Coul dnot be happier with my reading
Jessica S
Visit My mom and I had a wonderful session with Deborah. We have seen her before and she always is so joyful and caring. Charlie her dog makes you feel right at home. We definitely will visit again.
Samantha G
Wonderful Experience I truly enjoyed my experience with Deborah. I felt a kindred spirit with her. She's very warm and engaging and comfortable to be with. She received so much information we didn't have time to finish (because I talk too much) so I can't wait to go back for another appointment to learn more. (She even received my brother's nickname which was pretty wild because it's not a normal nickname!)Thank you Deborah
Moleta M
Awestruck I just had my first reading with Deborah. I was literally awestruck when she was able to have such clear communication with my loved one who has passed!! There were things that there is absolutely no way of knowing unless she was communicating with him. And Deborah is such a pleasure to talk to!! She made me feel as though we had known each other for years. Will definitely be asking for Deborah's guidance again!!
Jane Elizabeth
A blessing My time with Deborah was a blessing. The combined Reiki and medium reading gave me a great deal of comfort and peace that has stayed with me. She is a talented, kind, and compassionate person and I look forward to visiting her again.
John L
Sacred Tree Visions I was very pleased by my session. I liked how she started wiht a cleansing meditation. I knnow what she said came from my loved one, as only my loved one knew those things were important. I found peace in the session.
Marian G
Absolutely Wonderful! My session with Deborah was absolutely wonderful! She is so warm and welcoming and so easy to talk to – not only to me but also to those in Spirit who came to see me. Deborah is truly gifted and could give me answers before I asked the questions! It was just a wonderful experience and I will definitely schedule another session soon!
Amy B
Thankful. Truly a wonderful experience. I have already booked for another appointment next week.
Gayle W
Fantastic! I was so impressed with Deborah's ability to see so many people from my past and to hear in her inner self their conversations...such a serene and peaceful feeling when we left...
Feeling lighter now Grateful for my meeting with Deborah! After our time together, I feel much lighter after a significant worry was resolved. Deborah is a lovely, caring person who is the real thing. Surprisingly to me, she brought up something than only me and one other person knew about. Deborah confirmed this is something I needed to do. She counseled me on how to better achieve my goal. This was my second time to meet with her and it won’t be my last. I left with real hope in my heart...for the first time in a very long time. Thank you Deborah~
Megan C
Great Experience I had a wonderful experience that confirmed that my loved ones are still with me.
Elizabeth A
Fulfillment Thank you Deborah for our time. I was overjoyed and my time with you brought me Peace within myself and my love ones that went on before me. You shared things that I knew you couldn't have known. Your presence made me sooo comfortable. I felt as if we've been knowing each other 4ever. Again, thank you. I have already told many people about you. Since your reading put so much joy in my heart with Godly love, I shall return to see you very soon.
Tonna C
Fulfilling Deborah was warm and inviting from the moment I drove up. She and Charlie her dog welcomed me like an old friend. The Reiki session was my first ever and I felt release and so light throughout. The reading was on point and positive. I am a very satisfied client.
She's the BEST! Simply uncanny how spot on she is. Nuturing and capable to zero right in and your thoughts and concerns. Had both a home visit and call in - both equally as remarkable. She's the real deal - you won't be disappointed!
Tim I
Satisfied Customer, Great experience. Deborah was wonderful. She has the gift! She was able to reveal things about my loved ones that have passed on. We had a " full-house" of them. Great experience, highly recommended. My wife will be scheduling her appointment next.
Always Wonderful! My daughter and I love our time with Deborah. She is kind, compassionate, funny, and always channels wonderful, accurate advice from our dearly departed! Her reiki sessions are incredible, too. I always leave feeling calmer, more clear-headed, and centered. Deborah’s the best!!
April S
Absolutely wonderful Every session is very insightful and relaxing. Deborah always puts you at ease. Love our sessions so much. Thank you so much.
Ashley E
Amazing Deborah was wonderful to work with! She instantly makes you feel welcomed and cared for. It was like meeting with a close friend! I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first time doing anything like this, but Deborah walks you through everything and is open to answering any questions you have throughout the process. The Reiki session is very relaxing and at different points throughout the session, I could feel my body releasing so much negative and unhealthy energy. I felt lighter and almost cleansed when I got up from the table. The medium/psychic session was informative and brought about a sense of peace. Deborah was able to connect with my loved one and assist in my getting some closure. She was able to pick up on details that she could not have known without the help of her gift of sight. Deborah was able to provide guidance to what my future could hold and she shed some light on a part of myself I didn’t fully understand or even know existed. It was a true pleasure to meet Deborah! Don’t hesitate to set an appointment with her, you’ll be thankful you did.
Kari S
Reading I love sitting down and meditate with Deborah, it makes me relax and release my anxiety... she is an angel on Earth. Always looking for that positive light in your life. ❤️
Rosemary M
Session Deborah was so insightful and reaffirmed for me many questions I concern myself about my family and myself. It was a comfortable space and enjoyed her dog Charlie. I would definitely go back for another session.
sharon c
Reading Deborah is an amazing and gifted medium/psychic, with a lot of compassion and integrity. There is no way she could have known many of the things that she relayed to me. Very healing and enlightening. If you are looking for answers and support, I highly recommend Deborah.
Allison T
A Decision You Will NOT Regret! Talking to Deborah is like talking to an instant best friend! She immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Her gift will leave you feeling lighter, and her words will stick with you forever. Everyone I've sent her way has said the same. Booking an appointment is something I can promise you will not regret!
Amazing! Deborah is absolutely amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect, but immediately felt like I was having a conversation with a girlfriend. She was able to offer insight into where I've been in my life and guidance into my future. She has such a gift!
Eric B
Wonderful experience! Deborah was very helpful and explained things in a way that I could understand. Very caring and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish. Highly recommend!
Amy L
Healing and comfort Deborah was so kind and compassionate.She immediately makes you feel comfortable. I went with the hopes of connecting with my loved ones who had passed and Deborah certainly helped me with that. I truly believe God uses her to help us heal and continue on. I will forever be grateful for the amazing gift she shared with me.
Big Thumbs Up I received a tremendous amount from my session with Deborah, not only did she have the ability to work with me on my spiritual journey but she also really catered towards me asking sure everything I wanted to discuss was addressed and she made sure I was satisfied with the progress we made. I am very appreciate of her attentiveness the entire time, and her skills and training in psychology and sociology are complementary to her natural intuitive abilities which made our session insightful, enjoyable, and free flowing. Her myriad of expertise makes her a unique and gifted individual ensuring the quality time she puts in and care she has for her clients.
Comfort and clarity Deborah instills such a sense of comfort upon entering her home. She connects with my loved ones and provides clear answers to questions I have for them. Always a feeling of calm when I am done.
Katy S
Reading Deborah was right on with this reading. There were things that she couldn’t have known and came up correct every time. Would recommend her and I plan on using her again.
Jan H
Sacred Tree Visions Excellent session of relaxing and healing reiki and intuitive feedback and help.
Jennifer S
Always wonderful I have been going to Deborah for three years now. She's the real deal and a huge blessing in my life.
Kylie B
A fantastic experience! Deborah has an amazing gift and I am so fortunate to have received guidance from her. She is very in touch with her own guidance but is also down-to-earth, professional, and a pleasure to get to know. Thank you for all your help, Deborah!
Adrienne C
Amazing! I felt a connection to Deborah immediately when I came to her for Reiki, so I booked an appointment for a medium reading. She touched on things that were issues for me with no way of knowing about them outside of connecting with my deceased loved ones. It was an amazing experience and I feel truly blessed to have met her.
Review (medium/psychic reading) I enjoyed my time with Deborah, she is a gifted medium/psychic and she helped to make several things clear for me and put my mind at ease. Deborah is compassionate and takes her time to make sure your questions are answered. I look forward to visiting with her again and I look forward to trying Reiki next.
Awe I am always amazed at Deborah's accuracy, connection and compassion.
Wendi F
Amazing! I received the Reiki intuitive session with the readIng.She made me feel so comfortable with her warm, uplifting presence. Im still feeling the wonderful effects days later.
Silvie B
beautiful sesion Debbie was outstanding, i had many questions from my past and we got into it also.. she has answers for almost anything you can imagine.. I definitely come again to reveal more information.. Thank you very much for your time spent with me
Emilie C
Changed my life! Deborah is such a magical and very gifted reader but she is very humble about her gift! I felt very welcomed when meeting her. Her house smells wonderful and she greets you with such a beautiful smile. You start with a very relaxing meditation and from there we started the reading with gratitude. She didn't tell me what I need or have to do she encourages free will and the power of choice. While, understanding that she is very honest with giving answers not just what you think you want to hear. She also helped my mom with genealogy and linking our family history potentially to some pretty well known ships! I also was told a message that I will hold onto forever and it truly will help me further my spiritual growth! I can not thank her enough in words to describe the gratitude I felt after the reading. I am now going to start energy work with Deborah and so excited to get started! I recommend Deborah Henderickson to anyone that is open to this wonderful gift she is willing to share with the world:).
Linda P
Clear Vision Yesterday I impressed with Deborah and her ability to see so clearly why I was clouded in my feelings and thoughts. She was able to provide clarity with her sincere and caring manner. Deborah is truly gifted. I will definitely visit her in the future.
Mariah W
Don't hesitate! Scheduled a 2 hour session for my mom... and Deborah was amazing. She gave my mom he answer to every question that had haunted her for years... and had time for plenty more! Deborah was so sweet and has an amazing gift. Don't hesitate to book an appointment!
Ashton T
Enlightening experience Deborah has a kind and welcoming energy. I immediately felt comfortable and like we were old friends. She is extremely gifted but modest. She connected with loved ones that had passed and shared messages they had for me. Most importantly, she validated a risky career move I plan to pursue. Not only did she use her psychic abilities to confirm this; she used her counseling background and skills to talk me through my mess of jumbled thoughts. She did not project her own pursuits or judgements. She connected with the Divine and let him guide her. She shed light on critical steps that need to be taken in my life to achieve what my heart desires. She was incredibly accurate with specific situations and past memories. If you feel lost, like I did, make an appointment. You won’t regret it.
Rebecca K
Fantastic experience Thank you so much Deborah for helping me connect with my daughter who passed 4 years ago. I left your office feeling such happiness & peace. You are blessed with a wonderful gift & I thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ability with me! I am so glad to have the honor of meeting you! Look forward to our next reading. Words can’t express how thankful I am for your time & the wonderful person you are. I was amazed at things you knew that my daughter had to have been there to tell you!!Hope your sweet dog is doing good! I look forward to seeing you again soon!! Thank you so much for everything!!
Susan S
Gifted Meeting with Deborah brought me much needed clarity. She relayed things to me that there is NO way she could have known. We didn't discuss anything beforehand so I know she is truly gifted. Being a bit nervous at first, her kind and gentle demeanor put me at ease. More coincidental is how everything oddly aligned that I would meet with her on the particular date I did. I had to reschedule my first appointment due to illness, then she had to reschedule because she wasn't feeling well. Then one appointment slot became available on a special date, and I took it. I know now why. Thank you Deborah so much. Look forward to meeting with you again.
Nicole C
The real deal :) I had a great reading with Deborah. She is very sweet and encouraging. I was definetly convinced she has amazing abilities, as she hit on specifics multiple times . The conversation wasn’t vague , but detailed and purposeful! I will seek her services again and encourage others to try out a session as well.
Katelyn D
Absolutely Wonderful So thankful for the insight and clarity that Deborah provided me. Her words helped put me at ease. I highly recommend her and will definitely be back to see her again.
Lydia B
Great experience Deborah has such an amazing and calming presence. The reiki session was so relaxing. I felt so centered afterwards. She is very intuitive and I'm grateful to have had this opportunity.
Carla R
Moving So thankful for the insight it was life changing. I would recommend anyone to experience the blissful love......
Relaxing and Informative! My recent visit with Deborah brought me much needed peace after a tough 2017 year! Deborah provided me advice that I needed to hear! Deborah is such a good listener truly caring about her clients! Thanks Deborah and Happy New Year 2018!
Jeff M
Really impressed Thank you so much for spending the time with me and I really feel more at peace after our session. Will be back again ........
Carla B
with Gratitude! Deborah has a way of gently and deeply removing unwanted energy and brining in the light. I always feel scrubbed clean and happy after a session!
Meredith D
Sacred Tree Visions Reiki experience Sacred Tree Visions is a beautiful and lovely practice and Deborah is a wonderfully kind person. She is very in-tune with her practice and does a great job spreading her positive, healing energy. If you are one that is in need of an energy cleanse and in need of some higher guidance and clarity, I recommend Deborah for her gentle and open energy that she offers and provides without judgement. Great experience.
Rebecca K
Wonderful & amazing Deborah is the best! She has a wonderful ability to reach spirit world & it is amazing the things she knows and spirit tells her. She is the real deal. Deborah has such a sweet kind personality. She makes me feel like we’ve know each other forever. Her ability to bring my daughters shipit to me has broken the extreme depression I’ve been in for 4 years. She has made me be able to realize my daughter is always with me!! Deborah is so special! I love her dog Charlie!!
Patti D
Kindness personified What a kind spirit. Sometimes a person comes along who really sees you. Warmth and gentleness wrapped in a safe experience. She is honest and knowing and you'll leave better for it. Thank you Deborah. So much to think about. She's the real deal.
It was a great experience I enjoyed my reading and healing. It was a great experience that I would gladly do again. Meeting Deborah was very kind and friendly. She was spot on with her reading. I appreciate the time that I was able to have with her and the guidance she provides. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.
Kimberly W
Meduimship Deborah knew information only my deceased boyfriend could've told and shown her. I left her knowing he truly was with me. An experience I will never forget!!
Marilyn S
My second reading My first reading with Deborah was a couple of years ago. Had my second reading earlier this month and it was wonderful. Deborah is an exceptional reader, healer and person.
Christin C
Reiki Healing Deborah is amazing to finding the root of your inner thoughts and feelings. My Reiki session involved some knee pain I had experienced for months. I had sprained a muscle and after my session with Deborah my knee was healed. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Christy S
She was GREAT! I was very happy with my seesion! Deborah is very intuitive, knowledgeable and told me things that only I would know and something&#39;s I needed to know! I&#39;m excited to see her again hopefully sooner rather than later!
Thankful Still reflecting on my first session with Deborah, my heart is full. She was easy to talk to, allowing me to relax even more. I loved that she only asks for positivity for all parties involved...would definitely look into using her again in the future. Overall, so thankful our paths crossed.
Very pleased I had a reading with Deborah yesterday. She immediately made me feel comfortable. She was able to provide right on information regarding my areas of interest. I left with a sense of comfort and optimism that things will be ok. I will certainly go back to see her.
Very powerful I enjoyed my session with Deborah very much. I found the reiki very powerful, healing, and helpful!
Miriam A
Beautiful Deborah has helped me heal physically and emotionally after a series of cranio facial surgeries due to an accident. I cane in with a negative "poor me" attitude and left feeling at one with the universe and this beautiful feeling that my problems were truly insignificant. A session with Deborah is a magical transformative experience.
Brooke S. J.
Insightful Deborah touched base on many things that I had been feeling & thinking internally but was uncertain of the specific message it was bringing to me. She gave me clarity on a few topics in a way that resonated. I feel like she is someone to connect with along your path as a touch stone to see how far you have come, where you currently are & where your higher self envisions you being. Very lovely & timely experience.
Tyler D
Life Changing I have never been so thankful to be able to meet someone more than Deborah. Her gift is such a blessing and the information she was able to give me, as well as the spirits she was able to connect with has given me so much joy. I am already planning the next time I will be able to meet with her! : ) Thank you so much Deborah, until next time!
Dallas B
reading very happy with results
Debra H
Relaxed and peaceful I had my first reiki session with Deborah yesterday it was amazing. I was so relaxed and feeling at peace when I left. I haven't felt that way in such a long time. I will be going back in 2 weeks to continue this feeling. Highly recommend!
Carol W.
My first visit with Deborah I did not know what to expect before my visit. I immediately felt at ease when Deborah greeted me. I am extremely happy about the way our visit went and I plan to return. Deborah is definitely a special young lady. I thank her for a wonderful session.
Lauren G
Amazing My experience with Deborah exceeded all expectation. It was a warm and inviting visit where I felt constant good energy and white light around me. She helped open my mind up to who I am and her reading was spot on. I highly recommend her!
Anthena W
Reiki Healing and medium Amazing!! Far surpassed my epectations♡ She hit the nail on the head with everything she said
Robin W
Wonderful Experience Deborah provides a comfortable and relaxing environment. She spent more time than expected for my session. She showed a real concern for my well being. I plan to see her again!
Alisha V
Amazing! I had a wonderful experience. She was so inviting and made me feel comfortable. She hit on every topic I had questions about. I had the 90 minute session with Reiki healing and reading. I felt so much better afterwards. Lighter and more focused. Not to mention I slept like a baby. I will see her again and again. Thank you!
Logan L
Welcoming, friendly, and spot-on Deborah did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable in her space. She was also extremely friendly and kind in the delivery of her messages. I felt no judgement from Deborah. Deborah mentioned a few facts that were spot-on and she couldn't have known without me telling her, but she did! I really enjoyed my reading.
DeAnna P
She genuinely cares about her clients I was extremely satisfied with my reading. Her delivery was perfect and for me; her laugh is infectious! You will not go wrong having a reading with Deborah.
Very helpful and encouraging visit! Deborah made me feel welcomed and at peace.
Energy healing Love overflowth! Wonderful healing session facilitated by Deborah. I felt love and understanding and connection with mother . Very moving. Deborah is the real deal. In gratitude.
Elisabeth B
Amazingly wonderful! My session with Deborah was really wonderful. Not only was the Reiki session very relaxing, and therapeutic and healing, her guidance really helped. I received a monumental amount of positive energy, and validation for things in my life. She was able to help offer me clarity in my life, career wise, and relationship wise. I have not felt the light shine so brightly from within me, and I feel incredibly light and free! I highly recommend as session with Deborah. Mine was over the phone and was absolutely amazing. I hope to see her in person in the future!
Astonished + Grateful I was so touched by this reading. Although I cannot say I expected anything less reading all of Deborah's incredible reviews! Everything was so spot on and she is divinely intuitive, welcoming and comforting - which i find all to be important with readings like these. So grateful and I will definitely be reaching out to her again <3
Deborah is an angel My daughter and I both had sessions with Deborah the other day and left there feeing so refreshed and in tune, positive and at ease with all. She is so very open to working with what is important to you and taking the session where you'd like it to go. The intuitive healing she provides is unreal and very fulfilling. I cannot recommend her more fully. Enjoy!!!
Jennifer S
Deborah is so wonderful Another great reading with Deborah. She has helped me numerous times with making difficult decisions.
Great Reading - Comforting and Informative My reading with Deborah was awesome. She is sensitive, supportive, and very personable. She connected with several of my loved ones and through them provided interesting historical information on their lives and relationships as well as information that helped me understand some of the events of my life and some things that need attending to now. I wish I would have spent longer than an hour and am already looking forward to my next visit. Highly recommend her.
Melanie D
Great Session! This was the first time I worked with Deborah. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she immediately put me at ease. I has a double session, energy healing first and then a personal reading. I enjoyed both immensely! Now I'm hoping I can get my daughter interested in working with Deborah, too.
I'd select more stars if I could I've had the great fortune to experience the wide spectrum of spiritual services Deborah offers over the last year and a half. Reiki sessions with her always leave me feeling balanced, clear, and light. Readings and meditations with her are always dynamic, exciting, and enlightening to me. Deborah works extremely intuitively and compassionately, always looking out for her clients' best interest. I would highly recommend seeing her whether it be for a light clearing or very complex struggle. Enjoy :)
Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing Deborah is awesome. Me and my husband both had the Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing session with Deborah and We both felt great. She does have great intuition, mediumship skills and energy. I had a few phone readings with Deborah and She was able to communicate with my dad and grandma and give me useful guidance. But meeting her in person was great. I was able to feel her energy during the Reiki session and the reading afterwards was awesome. She was able to give me information about my past life. Now I know Why I have been receiving visions and having lucid dreams. I recommend Deborah to anyone who wants to have an insightful reading and Reiki session.
Anna P
Blessed Deborah is a true blessing! My session was wonderful. I felt at ease and a weight was lifted from my heart after talking with her. I highly recommend her!
Nichole C
In person session I had a great session. So grateful.
Carol R
It's very good. Deborah was very good. Her reading was right on and very insightful. I particularly enjoyed being able to communicate with my parents and my husband all of whom were very important in my life. I will definitely have future readings and highly recommend her.
Michael A
Kind, Caring and Sensitive Deborah is kind, caring and sensitive. She is gracious and warm, and it's evident that she really cares for her clients. Her insights are spot on. Thank you, Deborah for sharing your gifts.
Jennifer J
Very insightful! I cannot begin to say how wonderful my reading was. I try to have reading at least once a year just to validate I'm on the right track and for self assurance. The reading with Deborah helped to put a lot into perspective. Deborah is incredibly personable which made my feel open and receptive, almost immediately. She was very guiding and assuring. I highly recommend her, have already recommended her to many friends who are struggling with some issues needing guidance, and will MOST DEFINITELY be scheduling another reading in the future, hopefully in person. :)
Adam S
Wow What a great experience, Deborah is very talented and I cannot say enough kind words about her talent and wisdom. She is the real deal when it comes to Reiki, and readings!
Chrisy G
Beautiful Spirit Deborah has helped me through a long process of releasing the old, negative feelings and embracing the positive. I'm becoming who I want to be. She has been such a blessing. I look forward to each session because I always leave with an energy and light inside me.
Peaceful and Encouraging Visit! Deborah is a great listener and made me feel at ease during the visit! She provided me with encouraging words that was very appreciated!
Welcoming Sweet spirit, very insightful and helpful providing clarity.
Christin C
Reading & Reiki I am truly amazed by Deborah's awareness of your unique situation. After my Reiki session and reading I felt more aware of my inner feelings and thoughts. Deborah has an uncanny way of pin pointing the issues in your life. You can feel the cleansing of your mind and spirit and the calmness that has opened it's door to you.
April S
Reiki healing thank you for everything you do on my journey and helping me stay focused on the path. You are absolutely amazing!!!
Mary E
Natural Healer Deborah is an very gifted healer, intuitive, and medium. My sessions with Deborah always leave me restored energetically, and comforted by the insights and visions she has with my spirit guides. She is an understated woman, with a calmness and confidence that bring the spirit world to us. Also, Deborah never tries to impress or go beyond what she honestly sees and intuits during your session, it's the real deal. I love her. :-)))
Jan R
Sacred Tree's Blessings What a blessing to be in the presence of Deborah! I have worked with several gifted people in my 53 years, but she is the truest spirit of them all. Her healing powers are real and extraordinary. I cannot say enough about the absolute love, pure trust, and genuine empathy that she bestows and generates with such deep gratitude. I am indebted to her on so many levels and am grateful to have been led by Spirit to her door. THANK YOU!!!
Alea K
Wonderful! Deborah is amazing! Upon meeting her she greeted and made me feel right at home. Mind you this was my first visit. She was incredibly mindful and knew what she was doing. I had the reiki session with a reading. The reiki session left me feeling balanced and her reading was comforting informative and helped me gain confidence. I definitely would recommend her to anyone! Thank you and your gift!~
Spot On Deborah provided information which was so accurate and tuned in. Very helpful. I will see her again to address other areas of my life. We were very impressed and more than satisfied.
Wonderful Experience Thank you for the wonderful reading and validation of my intuition. It has been a difficult time, but you and your "friend" helped place this all into perspective!
Deborah Hendrickson I feel so much better after a healing session with Deborah. She is wise beyond her years. I feel heard, loved and supported by her during her sessions. Thank you, Deborah!
Sabina B
AMAZING Had my first session with Deborah this week. She was on-point with everything. I left the office feeling relaxed and finally focused again. If you are at a cross-roads in your life - call now!!!
Melissa H.
Amazing! Deborah is sensitive and gentle and encouraging. She is very gifted in talking with spirits and I found her session so helpful I scheduled another one to ask more questions!
Keri C
Comforting I have now seen Deborah twice in the last year and each time I feel more comfortable with the experience. Deborah has a natural ability to make you feel at ease and explore your emotions while being read. I am looking forward to the next visit and can't wait to find out more!!
Helen W
Awesome! Thank you Deborah for support, insight, and compassion. You are a wonderful healer. My depression is lifting a great speed. It is so liberating. My hives are fading. Thank you for reminding me of who I really am. I look forward to working with you more in the future as I head down my path.
Lora M
Excellent Thank you so very much! My visit with Deborah was so much more than I expected. I made my appointment in the hope that she would tell me that my energy was what I needed it to be. And quite honestly I had no idea what that was supposed to be. She gave me insight that I never dreamed possible. I am so thankful!! She has a true gift. I left more relaxed than I have been in a very long time. I will visit again!!! The things Deborah shared with me have helped me more than I can say. Deborah, you are wonderful!!
A lovely, uplifting visit Deborah was generous, insightful, warm, and supportive; I really enjoyed my appointment with her and appreciated her guidance.
amazing experience This was my second experience with Debrah and it was even more amazing than the first. I am always amazed at how accurate and intimate this experience is. I wil lbe seeing Debrah at least once a year for a very long time.
melissa h
energy healing Deborah has amazing intuition which facilitates the energy healing. She calls in guides and angels. She is very warm and friendly. After the energy healing she discusses what happened and your reaction, providing her own imput as well as that of spirit.
melissa h
energy healing This was truly the most amazing experience of my life. I was surrounded with love that was palpable.
Calm in the storm I traveled for a reading for spiritual guidence and couldn't have been happier with my reading. I have hope for the future and felt such a calm around Deborah. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth B
Fabulous I went to the appointment with so much angst and disassociation. The Reiki and information I was given created a calming, peaceful atmosphere that I am still feeling even a week later.
Karen K
Awesome Very warm, easy going, and comfortable reading.
Martha D
Reiki healing I I experienced a very powerful healing of old emotional and physical wounds with Deborah's reiki energy sessions. She is so connected with Spiritt . I am very thankful to know Deborah
Wonderful I greatly enjoyed my talk. It was warm and friendly I felt I gained much needed insight and feel I learned a lot
First timer... Very beneficial session. Enjoyed the energy healing and hearing I have a lot of spiritual helpers! Deborah was very easy to talk to.
Christina D
Wonderful Experience Deborah was easy to talk with and her insight was obvious. I will return for another session and I definitely recommend her services.
Gifted I believe my spirit guides led me to Deborah so I would be reminded that they are here with me now & they never really left. Deborah's kindness and ability to heal and connect with spirit is amazing, wonderful and a true gift.
Corey B
Heartfelt and Uplifting My experience with Deborah was profound. She listened with her heart and provided me with a beautiful healing experience, insight and wisdom. I recommend her services whole heartedly.
Alice M
great! I loved your listening and compassion :)
Aditi S
Gratitude My session with Deborah was life changing and inspiring. I encourge anyone with an open mind and heart who feels drawn to seeing her to follow their intuition and have a session with her. You won't regret it!
Healing Energy I had beautiful session with Deborah. Her energy is overflowing with love and care. I will definitely return.
Mary E
Intuitive Reiki Healing with Reading I had a very transformative experience with Deborah during a session of intuitive Reiki energy healing with Reading, Chakra and Auric cleansing. She helped to open up blocks in my energy body that will surely move me on my spiritual path, and to come closer to union with my true, divine self. Deborah brought me in touch with the spirit guides that showed up for my session, and that has given me such comfort, knowing they are there to support me always. I love Deborah's style, she is such a loving and caring person, and a very, very talented energy healer. Enjoy your trip towards the source!!! :-)
Great Reading U can feel the energy through this reading, a positive avenue to get your questions answered
Debbie H
Reading Enjoyed going. Learned quite a bit. Will be looking inti doing more and getting myself involved more.
Anne H
Grateful for our Meeting Deborah is thoughtful and wise. She was very present with us and took the time to feel into the situation we were experiencing and offer her insights. Very helpful; thank you.
Healing Deborah's reading has helped me more in one day than my grief therapist has in months. I now feel that I can start the healing process. I feel that a black cloud has been lifted from me!
Helen W
intuitive rekie Thank you so much! As always your healing abilities and insight have gotten me back on track. I am so happy you are part of my jorney!
Kat W
💙 I received such lovely messages in a safe environment My session with Deborah was what I had hoped for and more. Great connection, great environment, and hearing such loving messages from the other side, left me filled with Joy and anxious to schedule a follow up session! I highly recommend this Medium!
Carla Beach
Intuitive Reiki with Deborah Thank you! You have a way of moving energy that is gentle yet very powerful! I always feel better, clearer, and more aware after I've been with you. Thank you!
Carol G
Loving Presence After some research on the internet about psychic mediums, I made a decision to try it. I wanted to go to Deborah first but I ended up going to two others before her. My experience with Deborah was to say the least amazing. From the moment I saw her I felt a very warm welcoming feeling. She was able to connect with my loved ones, particularly my first love. She described a vision he showed her, an interaction between me and him, that let me know she really was getting messages from him. What she described was the vision of me and him facing each other over a table and sitting up on the bed talking.It's exactly what I've been doing, only with his pictures since he passed away. For Deborah to say this meant to me that he's still very much present in my life, though in a different form and still loves me enough to be around me.What is striking about this vision is that when my first love and I were together we always sat close together, not facing each other. My visit with Deborah validated a lot of my own beliefs.I walked out of there feeling more assured than ever that there is a here and after. More importantly, that my loved ones are still around me. There were many other things she said that plainly stated "I'm in the right place". I will definitely go back to her. Thank you Deborah for being a bridge of light between me and my loved ones.
Wendy S
My experience with Sacred Tree All I can say is WOW! It was more than I could have expected. From the message from the other side to the renewal of faith I have with my surroundings. I will be doing this again and again.
Denise P
My first visit with Deborah My first visit with Deborah was awesome. Not only was she spot on but she is so kind and loving and I felt so comfortable with her. I will be going to see her again soon.
No where else to turn? Just when I thought there was no hope for me, after personal issues with PTSD, insomnia, GAD, and insomnia something connected me to Deborah. She is my new favorite person in the world. So caring, beautiful and sweet. I've never felt as comfortable as when I enter or leave her office. She has helped me grow spiritually, mentally and emotional in only 2 encounters with her. I think she is a wonderful person for doing what she is doing. Especially working with children..And I sincerely hope that this review finds other skeptics and they decide to give this a chance. Because for the first time in my life, I truly believe that now there is somewhere to turn.
Marty S
My sacred tree vision experience I had an amazing experience having my questions answered and new perspectives given, all in a loving compassionate environment. Thank you!!
Sharon P.
October Reading the reading I had with you changed my life. I felt more complete with the answers you gave. Bringing my father into the reading was very important to me. Looking forward to scheduling again soon
Karen K
Patient, compassionate, authentic Had a wonderful experience today. A wonderful healing and insightful reading. You helped me tremendously. Thank you!
Bryan H
Phenomenal Experience! Just had my first Reiki/counseling session and it was amazing! Deborah, is very professional and such an easy person to connect with. I found the session to be very relaxing and comforting. Her insights were very accurate and also encouraging for spiritual growth. I highly recommend Sacred Tree Visions!
PLEASED I have never been more blessed than to have met Deborah. My reading and cleansing were unreal. I will never lose contact with her.
Mary E
Psychic/Medium Reading I had my first session with Deborah today, and it was perfect. She is very calm, natural and loving in her style, and she was able to provide me with very valuable information to help me progress in my personal journey. I will be asking Deborah for more help with her other services very soon. I highly recommend working with her, she will help you too. :-)
Melissa h
psychic reading Deborah is gentle and channeled Archangel Michael amongst others. She helped me a lot in unraveling a very complex relationship.
Rachelle R
Reiki and Reading Deborah, thank you so much. The energy work you facilitated was of great benefit. I could feel things in my body continue to shift and clear even after the session. And your intuitive perceptions and suggestions were right on and have helped tremendously. Namaste.
michelle b
Reiki Energy Healing I haven't ever experienced anything like it. It was, by far, the most spiritual and unexplainable, situation I have ever been in. Deborah helped clear alot of confusion and anxiety, in my mind, body, and soul. I am definitely looking forward to another session with her.
Reiki Session This was my first appointment with Deborah. Her calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. She was very thorough in her approach to my needs during the Reiki Session. In my opinion, her intuitive abilities give her a real edge in being able to provide me the best care and energy healing.
Diana R
Reiki Session: Serene at the beginning toward the end a rush of energy The first half part of the session was calming and in the middle somewhere I felt a lot of restlessness.... Tried to calm my mind to no avail... The rush of energy was so intense could not contain it....Have no idea or words as how to describe it or what to make of it some things cannot be verbalized. I had an awesome time and enjoyed the experience, you are a gentle carrying soul and I am happy to have met you. Thank you
Sacred Tree Visions This was my first time with a psychic medium so I had no other expectation other than some indication that she was accurate. I was deeply moved by the experience. Deborah was wonderful as a person and gifted as a psychic medium. She left me with no doubt that our loved ones keep watch over us after they have passed. She gave me good direction for some issues I was dealing with.
Jeff P
She's the real deal I had no doubt that Deborah wasn't just making stuff up.
Jennifer S
so incredibly accurate Deborah is a beautiful human being with a truly wonderful gift! I plan to tell all my friends and family about her!!!
Helen W
Spirit Guided Meditations I so look forward to the Spirited Guided Meditations. Deborah is a very loving and talented women. The meditations that Spirit sends through Deborah are the most wonderful experiences. Always relaxing. Always uplifting.
Paul M
Spiritually Based Services I recently had my first session with Deborah. Whenever I interact with anyone connecting with the Spirit World, my biggest concern is that the person is centered in the Light and Love of God. Beginning our session with a guided meditation and a prayer put my mind at ease about the quality of Deborah's spiritual connections. She was kind and loving and brought me several messages from the other side that spoke to the major events going on in my life. I heartily recommend Deborah as a psychic medium who can be trusted. I'll be seeing her again soon.
melissa h
WOW! In one session I let go of my bad feeling about myself and got in touch with my soul.
Very helpful session This was my first reading and it was very powerful. I would definitely recommend a session for anyone who is interested and I will be going back!
Rosanne C
good session w/Deborah Easy and relaxed, felt good after the session.
Jennifer S
Transformational! Deborah has been blessed with the deepest connection to spirit and a joyful, open heart. One session with her has transformed my entire life. Her honesty and openness was exactly what I needed to become conscious and connected to the energy flowing in my own being. Thank You so much Deborah!
Sara H
Wow! Deborah is very gifted and my session with her was quite enlightening. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat and that level of comfort continued throughout the whole session. You can tell she is a very caring person who wants to guide you through to a better place.
Wonderful ! I had a wonderful experience with Deborah, she made me feel so comfortable during the reading I felt that she was my sister, She even mentioned something special that surprised me during the reading! She is truly gifted.